New Direction

Warren County Needs a New Direction

We’ll begin by prioritizing core, basic services. There’s no reason for roads, bridges and storm sewers to receive such cosmetic fixes – only to fall apart again in the short term. We deserve better protection than what understaffed law enforcement efforts can provide. Residents can’t risk slow response times from an inefficient, understaffed 9-1-1 system. County offices should again enjoy sensible human resource and payroll functions.

With a broad set of technical skills and a reputation for working closely with residents, I’ll return Warren County to being safe and cost effective for everyone.

Warren County Infrastructure


When elected a Warren County Supervisor, and as a registered architect with some experience in civil engineering projects, I can work with the Warren County Engineer to develop a better long-term roads plan.

I understand it’s necessary to maintain our existing roads. But poorly maintained roads using inferior materials leads to a shorter life and early, costly reconstruction. We need to bring back the Warren County employees who are experienced in maintaining our roads and the other small projects related to this work.

There is no money saved by hiring subcontractors to perform this work. Subcontractor managers must pay salaries and benefits just like the county, but setup costs and overhead profit increase costs beyond those of using Warren County employees. Termination of our maintenance workers 4 – 5 years ago was not a result of bad employees, but bad management.


When elected to the Board of Warren County Supervisors, and as a registered architect, retired union carpenter, and contractor, I can help guide Warren County to a better long term plan for our buildings.

I know that Warren County must maintain its buildings. If maintenance is ignored, building components will deteriorate and when ignored long enough, we need to replace the entire building at a very high cost. Like the road maintenance workers, we need to bring back the Warren County employees who performed the maintenance work. We need to maintain the roads and buildings so the ongoing cost is spread over many years, rather than requiring a bond which is paid over many years in principle and interest.

Warren County Courthouse / Jail

A Warren County Supervisor that is a Registered Architect can make a difference in going through the process to rebuild or replace the Warren County Courthouse and Jail. The owner responsibilities in a major building project are monumental. As an Architect I can help evaluate what construction methodology and energy methods will give Warren County the biggest return for their investment.

Warren County Services


We need to upgrade the Warren County Accounting Department first by getting a CPA for Budget Director, and perform all of the Warren County Payroll functions with Warren County employees.


We need to update the Warren County Joint Plan and Warren County Building Plan. The Warren County Planning Director is doing a great Job and as a Warren County Supervisor who is a Registered Architect and was on the past Joint Planning Commission, the upgrades will be much easier.

Information Systems

As a Warren County Supervisor with a Master’s Degree in Computer Information Systems and Certification in Computer Security. I can help evaluate the computer /network security plans for Warren County. There are many social security numbers as well as other sensitive information in the Warren County database. Hackers have been able to get into the FBI Database, as well as other federal and state databases. You would be making a big mistake to think it is impossible to get into the Warren County Database.

Emergency Management

I am not an expert in emergency management, but as a trained Volunteer Architect Disaster Evaluator for Iowa, and as board member of Northern Warren Fire and Emergency Response Agency, I will be a Supervisor with functional insights and a strong appreciation for emergency management.

Primary services of an Iowa county include

  • Adequately fund county functions
  • Finance budget and budget administration
  • Budgetary support for:
  • Law enforcement
  • Courts
  • Auditor
  • Elections
  • Recorder
  • Driver license, license plates and titles
  • Property tax administration
  • Roads
  • Building Maintenance
  • Citizen health – Disease, disabled and mental
  • Citizen welfare
  • Oversee elections
  • Reporting
  • Emergency services fund
  • Rural services